NANA Development Corporation

NANA Development Corporation is one of the parent companies of NANA/Colt. NANA was created in 1971 by a Congressional Act to solve the land claim struggles between the Alaska Natives, State of Alaska and Federal government. The act Congress created was the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, or ANCSA. NANA received 2.4 million acres of land and $44 million cash compensation for land not received. There were originally 4,500 Inupiat Eskimo shareholders but NANA, as well as three of the 13 Native Regional Corporations, worked with Congress to allow enrollment of children born after 1971. Through this effort, NANA now has over 11,000 shareholders. Today, NANA owns and operates companies in many industries: oilfield services, professional & management services, hospitality & tourism, and mining-including ownership of the world-class Red Dog Mine. NANA employs approximately 1750 people in Alaska and another 1400 within the NANA companies outside of Alaska.

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Colt Engineering Corporation

Colt Engineering Corporation is one of the parent companies of NANA/Colt. Since 1973, Colt Engineering Corporation has excelled as a  multi-discipline engineering contractor in the design of  hydrocarbon process facilities in Canada, the USA and many  regions of the world. Colt specializes in the design of  conventional oil and gas production/processing facilities, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants, electrical power generation and co-generation facilities, and heavy oil facilities and oil sands plants. Colt is the largest Canadian engineering contractor focused exclusively on the hydrocarbon industry and executes over $2 billion of projects annually. Colt has over 2,000 people on staff in Canada with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Sarnia and Anchorage.

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NANA Pacific, LLC

In 2001, NANA Development Corporation and NANA/Colt Engineering, LLC established NANA Pacific, LLC. NANA Pacific is an 8(a) certified company, created to provide a full range of design-build services to the Pacific Rim region. NANA Pacific's affiliated companies employ more than 4000 technical and service professionals in more than 30 industries.

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