Drafting Development Program

As part of our commitment to Shareholder Development, NANA/Colt Engineering has established a Drafting Development Program offering the opportunity for shareholders to learn basic AutoCAD. Through an application and selection process, three to five shareholders or direct relatives of shareholders per session are chosen and trained in basic AutoCAD user knowledge enabling them to produce entry-level CAD drawings.

 The program is offered approximately twice a year and lasts  three  weeks. The first week is allocated to classroom instruction and the  remaining two weeks consist of actual on the job training in a working  environment. A select team of professionals specializing in Business  Development, Engineering, Shareholder Initiatives and Human  Resources manages the Program. Classes are taught by a certified  CAD instructor with over eleven years experience. Interns are matched  with their own mentor during the on the job training segment of the  program. Those completing the program will receive a Certificate of  Completion from NANA/Colt Engineering.

Drafting Development Program Team Leads

 Dianna L. McDowell – Vice President of Business Services

 Ms. McDowell is the acting Team Lead, providing program oversight of  the Drafting Development Program. She brings to NANA/Colt many  years of experience in Business Administration. Ms. McDowell is  responsible for overseeing all areas of Business Services including IT,  Safety, HR and Benefits, Business Development, Contracts, Records  Information Management and Accounting. She is part of the Senior  Management Team committed to providing quality services for our  employees, clients and customers and is dedicated to making  NANA/Colt a safe and great place to work.

 Theresa Breuning-Azzam – Human Resource / Safety / Shareholder  Initiatives

 Ms. Breuning-Azzam oversees the day-to-day program operations,  provides assistance to the interns and manages the Human Resource  functions. She is responsible for the selection process, record  keeping, orientation and safety training of the interns. Ms.  Breuning- Azzam has more than 15 years experience in Business  Administration, ten of which are in Safety and Human Resources. She  has been involved in Shareholder Initiative programs for NANA/Colt  and acts as liaison with NANA Development Corporation. She is  committed to providing assistance, training and awareness to our  employees and dedicated to promoting a quality team environment.

 Elmer Salontai – Instructor / Principal Designer

 Mr. Salontai is the Instructor for the Drafting Development Program.  He is a certified CAD instructor with over 11 years’ CAD experience.  Mr. Salontai has taught CAD at Charter College since 1991. He is a  highly skilled Piping/Mechanical Designer with over 30 years  experience. Mr. Salontai is a dedicated team player and committed to  sharing his knowledge, skills and experience with his co-workers and  the interns who go through this program.

For further information or to obtain an Applicant Packet, please contact the NANA/Colt Human Resource Department:

NANA/Colt Engineering, LLC
Attn: Human Resources
700 G Street, 5th Floor
Anchorage, AK 99501
Telephone: (907) 273-3942
E-Mail: [email protected]


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