A Tutorial On Writing The Weekly Journal Essay

Some academic courses will ultimately require you to write a weekly journal or weekly journal essay. A journal is so important that it accounts for 15% of the total score. Therefore, you must be adequately prepared with skill and tips to write a weekly journal essay effectively. The following tips are helpful:


Internalize the requirements of your assignment- in an academic setting, you could be required to keep a journal on a specific book you are reading, or a project you are working on, on your own or as a team.

Establish a routine- it is much better to record a journal on a daily basis. Record your findings while still fresh. If you get an opportunity to reread your journal, you will be surprised at the insights you gain for writing the next journal entries.

Date every entry of the journal-dating your work helps when reflecting, and it increases credibility for your assignment.

Understand how to write a journal- while other forms of writing e.g. a diary gives a description of what happens, the weekly journal gives a description of what happens, and a personal evaluation or analysis of the events. Again the nature of a journal demands that the writer writes in first person.

Write a reasonable length- although daily records may not necessarily be the same, it is important to write a reasonable length for daily journal entries.

Take  advantage of our experts and add value to your weekly journal essay.  Conclude each entry tactfully- as earlier mentioned, writing a journal is not just writing descriptions. Concluding your assignment with a reflective thought is most suitable.

Importance of writing a journal

In addition to the fact that academic journals contribute 15% of the grade earned, writing daily, weekly and monthly journals in a professional and academic setting is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps in improving organizational skills.
  • Writing what is in your mind is a good stress reliever.
  • Rereading what was previously written in a journal helps in gaining insights on your topic.
  • We become better by discovering our strengths, and improving on weakness discovered.
  • They help us to focus on our goals and how to achieve them.
  • It is a good tool for self-evaluation.
  • Helps in identifying what is important and what is not.

Writing a journal can be a challenging exercise especially to new or inexperienced writers. Therefore, it is important to request for professional assistance in writing journals when stuck.