Top Hints For Composing A Research Paper Outline: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking- A heinous crime: Human trafficking is a wide subject that is a heinous crime against any human exploiting them for sex and forced labor. It is even done for extracting organs for various reasons; some of which are surrogacy and ovary removal. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Human Trafficking has become a sensitive thesis topic among students. If you have chosen such topics too, follow the paper outline to keep them perfect.

Top hints for creating paper outline: Since the subject is too vast, choose among a group of few that you have extracted after an intense research. When we start searching for an eye catching topic, we found 5 -6 that look too appealing and thereafter finalizing the one becomes an easy job. Ensure that you have enough substantial content on the chosen topic. Basically your content should be categorized into three central parts. –

  • Introduction: Since Human Trafficking is a topic of international interest, statistics play an important role. You should cite the current data as in more than 27 million people across the globe are forced into this profession as part of modern day slavery. You might cite many other examples like this. You can begin with a phrase, idiom, striking data or an interesting story. Mentioning the names of countries is a good way of providing information. Inform your audience as in when human trafficking begun? Focus on other questions like why it is a curse? Why it can’t be stopped? What steps can be taken to stop it?
  • Body: In the thesis section, you should raise awareness and talk about the various penalties for the criminals who violate the rules. We can also discuss the rehabilitation for the victims and the ways to bring their lives back to normal. This is the lengthiest part that should be discussed by citing examples or data.
  • Conclusion: Finally, the conclusion where students need to summarize what they have discussed. Conclusion should be written based on the questions thrown in introduction. However it is necessary that you emphasize on information that have already discussed in short and crisp manner.

The length of a research paper should be around 15-20 pages where it does not include the title page and the table of content. Apart from that the body of the content should be around 4000 words. However, it is mandatory that before writing your own article, you go through the instructor’s guideline. It is because, the instructions varies from institution to institution and from professor to professor. Apart from this on some place, the paper needs to be written in Chicago style of writing whereas on the other places, MLA or APA style is demanded