Presentable Research Paper Ideas: Psychology Questions To Research

What is Psychology?

Psychology is an exciting subject with loads of exhilarating topics to carry research on. It is the study of conscious and unconscious experiences in the form of behavior of mind and the thoughts running over there. This academic discipline of social sciences assists in understanding the role of mental function of an individual or a group of people. If you are a research student and are looking for some brilliant paper ideas, check out the list below.

Psychology questions to research:

  • How our implicit attitude guides us to respond in any typical situation?
  • Discuss Milgram’s obedience experiment and talk about as in why social psychology is not always simple demonstration of things that are of common sense.
  • Discuss various types of expressions that people come up with when they find that the other person is telling a lie?
  • Sometimes nonverbal communication does not complement the verbal communication. What are some of the strongest reaction people give under such cases?
  • What kind of cognitive and affective techniques are used on the print advertisements as part of the persuasive techniques?
  • How successfully a Social Psychology theory can be applied in a real life situation.
  • What are the various kinds of reactions observed when social norms are violated? Take any example like wearing unusual clothes, fake applauding at the end of the lecture, entering from in between of the queue etc. Keep a track of your own thoughts and also observe the responses of people around you.
  • How psychology of people has been affected after social networking sites have caught the limelight?
  • How an individual’s appearance impacts the behavior of both the parties. Discuss the case by taking an example from the professional world and the conventional world.
  • How attractiveness in dressing sense creates a halo effect? Why physically attractive people dressed remarkably appear to be more intelligent, pleasant, likeable and friendly? Write a dissertation based on your findings? Discuss the case as in how employees are hired and how social situation is affected?

Things to consider

Before you start writing your dissertation, keep your ideas clear in mind. Such steps will save your precious time and you will not feel hassled too while writing the thesis. You can also get instructions in terms of do’ and don’ts from your instructor. It is advisable to go through the instructor’s guidelines and read some eminent class samples to get an idea about the outline of your project. Collect background information from a variety of resources too and organize your content before initiating the final piece of draft.