Latest Hot Topics For Your Research Paper About English Proficiency

Significance of English proficiency:

English is a language that is widely accepted in major parts of the world. It is an enormously rewarding experience for those who are looking for a job with high designation and attractive salary or want a boom in their career. Apart from that, it also leaves a notable impression on others at the time of interview. It facilitates travel and enables a person to learn the culture of different places. It also assists international migration easier.

If you are a research student and want to find hot topics for your paper, check out the list:

  1. How is the standard of High school students in terms of English proficiency in government and convent schools? Differentiate their outcomes.
  2. What is the significance of English in securing a job? How lack of communication in reading and writing affects their job?
  3. What is the level of difficulty in reading and writing English language in contrast to Spanish? Discuss the context in terms of concepts and approaches and significance of each language while identifying and assessing the issues.
  4. What is the key rule for mastering the art of English proficiency? Is it reading, writing or carrying a conversation with people of global competitiveness?
  5. Discuss why the dialects of various places differ from each other though all speaks English?
  6. What are the various types of issues faced by the teachers of English language while teaching the students in an intermediate or high school?
  7. Is English an intricate language? Why or why not?
  8. How true it is- “Nothing unites a country than proficiency in English”. Discuss.
  9. Why English is used as a second language and still not an official language of some countries?
  10. Why English has been chosen as an international language in today’s world? How proficiency in this subject assist any person? How decline in proficiency of this language has dropped the business of Malaysia to alarming levels?
  11. Why English is considered as the craziest language?
  12. Why English is used as a medium of instruction in schools, colleges and university?
  13. How English language proficiency test is beneficial in offering admission to students in various courses?

Significance of English language: The topics stated above clearly highlights the significance of English proficiency of an individual in day to day language across the globe. The importance of proficiency is required at each and every walk of life in almost all the regions of a country. If you are a research student and want to pursue a research, the topics stated above can prove to be highly significant.