Expert Hints On How To Write & Research Efficiently On Social Media In India

Experts advise on social media:

Follower’s count, engagement per post like components are significant aspects of social media report in India. Experts say that first of all we should identify the purpose of writing. If it is a regular report, social media serves the purpose well. However a blend of metrics and qualitative analysis are also good factors to gauge the marketing events, marketing campaign or launch of products.

Some other hints on writing a research paper efficiently:

  • Choose right tool: Engagement metrics and social media analytics tools offer good platform to write research papers well.
  • Think for the questions you want to throw: List all your questions before writing the social media report, campaign report, research report or marketing campaign.
  • Define a time frame: A weekly, monthly or early report includes the benchmark from the beginning to the end. Such reports don’t cover very short durations.
  • Identify the stakeholders: Social media report in India is usually covered in the form of stories. So, write carefully after thinking whom you are writing for. Also keep in mind who will read your report.
  • Methodology and Background: Include a small section for writing a context, Offer its background where it will illustrate what the report is all about. The methodology outlines the timeframe, language and the markets.
  • Come directly to the point: Start with a good stuff to grab the attention and thereby follow up with the details and explanations. You can even use an inverted pyramid technique or the methodology of key findings.
  • Keep your audience engaged: Some social media reporting also tells the story of customers. Hence they should be written in an interesting manner. So, make sure that you dig deep and then write the real story. It should be your endeavor to present the story in an engaging way. Apart from that, keep the word count in mind. Access as much information as possible. Invite the followers to attend an event, video etc. The tone of writing should be friendly. Make sure that your data follows the introduction, body and the conclusion format explicitly.

Finally present the data in a well-organized state: Present the data with graphs and charts and present your figures in the best possible way. Offer good explanations to all your charts and analysis. You can also include the real quotes and the social postings. Real profile pictures also help in personalizing the data and assist the readers in reading behind the numbers.