Creating Research Paper Abstract: Guidelines For Graduates

Significance of abstracts

Research abstracts offer a concise description for the carried investigation. It is a must part of any writing. The abstracts are usually seen by the audiences before they think of going through the entire paper. Many times such compositions are also requested during the application process by the conference presenters.

How abstracts are written?

If you want to complete your graduation then you will have to go through the complete research writing process. Remember, an abstract is its integral part that cannot be missed in any case. Check out the basic components of an abstract writing. Focus on following questions-

  1. What is your motivation? Why the problem important? Remember, based on the practicality, scientific and theoretical base, abstract changes is structure.
  2. What methods/procedures or approaches should be followed? This section can be written in terms of analysis drawn, completion of series or carrying interview of certain number of students etc.
  3. How results or findings evaluated? Go through the samples where you can check how results are recorded as part of the above procedure? Discuss your learning or invention.
  4. Draw the conclusion or implications? Discuss the major implications of the findings especially if any gap has been identified,

Note: Remember, weight of different components vary greatly based on the disciplines chosen. Hence it is suggested that the student finds an abstract similar to their own.

Elements of a good abstract:

  1. All the paragraphs should be synchronized, coherent and succinct. They should be well connected.
  2. A well-developed structure should be used while writing introduction, body and conclusion followed by results and recommendation.
  3. The abstract should be written in a chronological order based on the type of writing i.e. article, paper or report.
  4. Logical transitions should be made.
  5. No new information but simple summarization should be added at this point.
  6. Passive verbs should be used emphasizing on the information.

Some other significant components:

Main parts of the paper should be focused while initiating the abstract writing. Prepare the rough draft and then finalize it. Reframe your sentences and do not merely copy them. An abstract is usually between 150-250 words. Simply copying the key sentences would either overload or lack enough content. Hence, summarize the information in a unique way. Last but not the least, always go through your instructor’s guidelines and the previous papers of the scholarly students. The best examples can be seen in journals. Visit libraries or go through the electronic journals. Finally, going through a number of abstracts will assist you with writing a flawless piece.