A Helpful Overview Of Research Paper Parts: Introduction

A research paper represents the professional analysis of a topic that you or the professor chose. The aim of the work is to apply the research information and knowledge in a certain field using literature, and thereby to demonstrate the skills of academic writing style. The preparation before writing the paper is very important. If you are choosing your own topics, keep in mind that it has to be interesting. It must be catchy and it must attract the reader. But more important, you have to have a really good introduction. This is the part that we often struggle with. That’s why we will give you an overview of this part and it will serve as a reliable guide for your work.

  • The background
  • The most important part of the introduction is defining the basic terms and the background information. No matter what topic you choose, you have to explain the information you will be using in the paper. You should do your research and give the reader some background information. That way, he will understand it better and won’t struggle with unknown terms you didn’t define. Make sure to do this because you want to be clear about your topic.

  • Why you are doing this
  • You have to explain your aim and the aim of the research paper. It’s important to define the problem and the question of your topic. Why is this topic important and what is the problem of it. You will use the information you gather from research to answer the question in your paper. But the reader has to know your aim and the main problem of the topic. Why did you choose the topic? You can also talk about that. But make it simple and don’t go into detail. It will only confuse the reader.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • The best thing you can do for introduction is to keep it simple. You can do this by using simple and short sentences that will perfectly define your idea. Be precise and clear and don’t stuff the introduction with unnecessary details. You can always give it to someone who will read it and tell you what they think. Make sure to make the corrections if needed and then you can move on to the main part of your paper. Keep in mind that the introduction has to be catchy as well.