10 Most Interesting Narrow History Research Paper Topics

A problem that many students encounter when composing their papers is the difficult of narrowing down their topic. What a narrow topic allows students to do is that it makes the whole writing process easier; they need to acquire fewer sources and the sources are also easier to find when the topic is narrowed to a very specific range. This is a challenge that many history students are plagued with, due to the wide scope of topics they learn about. In this article, we will discuss on the 10 most interesting narrow history topics for your paper.

Narrow Topics

There are many techniques you can use to narrow down the topic range of your paper. Firstly, you can look at a specific time frame in history. For example, instead of looking at the industrial revolution as a whole, you can focus on a very specific timeframe.

Another technique to use is to look at just one facet of the topic. So to bring up the previous example, instead of looking at the industrial revolution as a whole, you can focus on the industrial revolution and the effects of it in the United Kingdom.


Using the techniques discussed above, we can find that the following 10 topics are the most interesting history research topics to write about:

  • How has the role of food changed in Eastern religions?
  • Family life in the Plymouth Colony
  • How did the Boston tea party lay the foundations for the American Revolution?
  • How did the Bubonic plague impact France?
  • What were the failures of the fourth crusade?
  • How may the Gracchus brothers be seen as the founding fathers of socialism?
  • Examine the impact of China‚Äôs one-child policy
  • What has been the historical significance of the number 13?
  • How influential was Homer to the methods in which we record and interpret history?
  • How did the art patronage system work in the renaissance era?

These topics are narrow enough to give you the chance to incorporate plenty of research material in your paper, to help you with your analysis, as well as make for a very interesting read for your professor.

Due to the broad scope of history and the cultural view that history is boring, it is very much possible to produce a research paper on a narrow and interesting topic in history. If you follow the guidelines as we have set above, then you should have no problem in accomplishing this task.